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Meet Our Newest Aesthetician Stephanie​

Stephanie joined our team in September starting at the front desk. In January she started seeing clients in our aesthetics room and will be splitting her time as our lead receptionist as well as aesthetician. Don’t let her youthful appearance fool you Stephanie began her love of all things skin more than six years ago. Stephanie started as a Lancome artist in 2011 where she was first introduced to world of beauty. From there she went on to complete her aesthetics training at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness graduating in 201​4​.

Since then she has worked with numerous skin care lines and chemical peels learning how to read a client’s skin and determine the perfect combination of products to help them achieve their goals. ​

​A Few Words from Stephanie:​

Understanding how ​​the ​skin functions and​ the various available​ treatments ​is personable for me. Growing up with problematic skin and developing hormonal acne as an adult pushed​ me​ to educate myself on how topical products and ingredients affect the skin, but also what’s going on internally in the body. By balancing my nutritional diet, supplements and skin care regimen led me to cure my own cystic acne. Helping others understand that our skin is the body’s largest organ and how it functions is something I enjoy educating on. Also on what environmental, external and internal stressors may be affecting the skin. Here at EvolvMD I look forward to working with every client who shares concerns with their skin from pesky acne to inevitable aging. Skin concerns are widely shared among not only women but men as well, of all ages. It is my job to ensure proper care and treatment for each and every client that share these concerns. I am proud to say I am working my dream job/career at EvolvMD, and hope to help many with my years of skin care knowledge and expertise.

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