Medical Grade Facials

Different types of Medical Grade Facials available at EvolvMD MedSpa & Body Contouring
Medical Grade Facials at EvolvMD MedSpa in Milwaukee, Wi
At EvolvMD Medical Spa & Body Contouring in Milwaukee, WI,  our Medical Grade Facials are customizable and geared towards your skin concerns. From a Glow Facial to a Hydrafacial,  our highly trained aestheticians work with patients to address skin concerns.

Express Medical Grade Facial

An Express facial at EvolvMD will leave you with a brighter, smoother tone in a snap. Designed for the person on the go, the Express facial provides maximum results in a minimal amount of time. Renew your skin and return to your daily activities.


Unlike many acne products that are aggressive and promote dryness, an Acne facial from EvolvMD leaves your skin smooth and radiant almost immediately. It cleans clogged pores, scrubs away dead skin cells and achieves a glowing complexion.

Teen Facial

Due to hormones, teenage skin produces more oil than adult skin. The fix? A teen facial from EvolvMD. Teen facials allow for black head removal and exfoliation to leave your son or daughter with a clean, refreshed glow they can have confidence in. Our care involves more than just a facial, afterwards we offer education on home care and thorough product recommendation for continued effects.

Anti-Aging Medical Grade Facial

As we age, our skin loses collagen, forming fine lines, wrinkles and noticeable sun damage. An Anti-Aging facial deeply exfoliates the skin in order to promote the growth of new collagen, rid you of dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of signs of aging. You’ll love your dramatically hydrated, radiant skin!

Glow Facial

A Glo & Go treatment from EvolvMD is designed specifically for YOU. It takes your dry, dull skin and transforms it to radiant and hydrated in under 30 minutes! Glo & Go is for anyone, not just those with dry skin. It can also help your skin glow before special events.


If you are experiencing dry, flaky, dull skin, then we have your solution. A hydrating facial infuses skin with moisture, while providing gentle exfoliation and removing dry, dead skin cells. Enjoy long lasting hydration for more beautiful skin!

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