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Dr. Reiswig of EvolvMD Medical Spa

Amanda C. Reiswig, MD

Amanda C. Reiswig, MD, studied Bioengineering at the University of California at San Diego where she found herself fascinated in the latest technology involving cell growth and laser surgery. Ultimately, this fascination led her to pursue a degree in medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin where she graduated in 2007. She then completed her residency in 2012 at the Medical College of Wisconsin & Froedtert Hospital.

After finishing residency, Dr. Reiswig took time off to get married and began the process of following her dream to open her own medical spa. The training she received from the University of South Florida’s accredited Aesthetic Medicine fellowship program has allowed Dr. Reiswig to perfect her aesthetic medical expertise, while also developing extensive knowledge and experience.

“Each patient presents their own unique challenges and needs. I love helping people feel more confident about themselves by using cutting edge technology to address concerns that otherwise couldn’t be treated or would require invasive procedures,” explains Dr. Reiswig. “I am a perfectionist by nature and I want each patient to know that the money and time they spend at EvolvMD is going to yield great results!”

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