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Lympathic Massage

Whiteheads, Blackheads AND Cysts OH MY!

The lymphatic system is so underrated, but it plays an integral role in our body’s ability to detox, regenerate and nourish tissues, filter through metabolic waste, and support a healthy immune system.

You may have heard that acne is caused by an excess of toxins, waste, and hormones when your body is no longer able to eliminate them. When this happens, your body has no other choice but to eliminate these things the best way it can, often through your skin. Even though the skin is our largest organ and is an elimination pathway, it should not be used as the main pathway to eliminate excess waste. That’s a job for your liver, kidneys, and digestive system. When our skin is erupting in acne, something’s not right and those other elimination pathways need to be supported better.


Skin problems such as acne are often the result of poor elimination. Instead of metabolic waste being “washed” away by the lymph into the bloodstream and then “filtered” through the liver and kidneys, the waste just builds up. By stimulating the lymph, waste management can be kept under control and so can your acne!

A congested lymph won’t normally be the underlying cause of acne, but it can certainly make acne worse because waste hangs out in your body longer than it should. It’s very important to have a stimulated lymph in order to support clear skin. As a component of our EvolvMD Purifying Facial our estheticians perform a thorough lymphatic massage to stimulate the removal of waste products helping your outbreaks heal faster! To learn more about our medical grade facials call 414.479.0113.

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