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To use a lip filler or not

To use a lip filler or not, that question is posed to me at least once a day.

We are living in a lip obsessed culture and thanks to the internet augmented lips that are splashed before our eyes regularly. We have all seen the FAKE lips in the tabloids or on social media feeds where you stop and wonder if the person has a clue what they actually look like. Part of being a physician (and possibly a mom) means I feel very comfortable telling my patients “NO” if it means staying true to my aesthetic and what I feel is in their best interests.  If you are looking to be told “I love your lip filler” (NOT your lips) this is not the establishment for you. I want my patients to hear that they look great without giving away that they have done anything but a new lip gloss.

Prompted by the overwhelming fear that lip filler turns someone into an overnight Kardashian, EvolvMD is now offering half syringes for the lip. As seen in the photo series below our very own Lexi braved her first filler ever so we could capture the progression of healing following lip injections. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes and utilizes the equivalent of 1/10 of a teaspoon. As you see in the first picture immediately some swelling is visible but within 24 hrs it had improved greatly. To help keep swelling to a minimum we encourage everyone to take a lighter day for the first 24 hrs (avoid the gym) and use the cold packs you are given. This type of treatment keeps lips looking natural and pretty which is something we can all benefit from as the lips do age and lose volume as we age. The results can last 6 months from this treatment. Restylane Lip Filler by Dr. Reiswig at EvolvMD Milwaukee WI

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