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Expert Tips for Radiant and Glowing Skin

You want skin that looks firm and dewy.  We get it, so we’re sharing our expert tips for radiant and glowing skin.  It’s actually very simple. It comes down to two things: prevent and preserve. At age 25, your body begins to lose 1% of its total collagen every year.   By 45, your body stops

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How to Get Rid of Acne Before Your Wedding

Bridal Skincare—How to Get Rid of Acne Before Your Wedding

Our aesthetician, Stephanie, chatted with us about bridal skincare and how to get rid of acne before your wedding.   She got married recently and we wanted to know her secret. How did she go from acne scars to glowing skin?  Stephanie suffered from long-term cystic acne breakouts and had severe acne scars as a result. 

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Do Collagen Supplements Work for Better Skin?

Do Collagen Supplements Work for Better Skin?  Can you eat or drink your way to better collagen and better skin through supplements? Whether we recommend collagen supplements and if they really work for better skin, are two of the most common question we get from our patients.  The grocery stores are inundated with rows of

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Five Reasons Why Medical-Grade-Skincare is better than Over-the-Counter

  Today I am going to address the reasons medical-grade-skincare is better than over-the-counter.  As a medical aesthetician, most questions I get are regarding skincare products.  What should I be using at home? Should I order products off Amazon? Will they work? Why do medical-grade-skincare products cost more than over-the-counter products? All great questions. With

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To use a lip filler or not

To use a lip filler or not, that question is posed to me at least once a day. We are living in a lip obsessed culture and thanks to the internet augmented lips that are splashed before our eyes regularly. We have all seen the FAKE lips in the tabloids or on social media feeds

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Celebrating Fives Year In Business

Greetings! Celebrating five years is a BIG deal in the business world, this is something I know now. When I opened EvolvMD eight months pregnant and without a single patient I had never heard the statistic that 50% of business will fail in their first five years. Aesthetic medicine was my primary reason for pursuing

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The Secret to Celebrity Skin

You know the ones, the celebrities that seem to defy the laws of age and gravity. Did they stumble upon the fountain of youth?  How have they managed to look undeniably perfect for the last 20 years?  My grandmother used to tell me Vaseline was the key to life.  She also ate ice cream and

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The ViPeel for a Post-Vacation Glow

You soaked up the sun, recharged, and you’re back from vacation when you notice you came home with a free gift. Yes, the gift of hyperpigmentation plus a dose of melasma. It was probably not what you had in mind while you were enjoying the warm rays. We get it, we all love sun-kissed golden

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