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The ViPeel for a Post-Vacation Glow

ViPeel before and after at EvolvMD Milwaukee WI

You soaked up the sun, recharged, and you’re back from vacation when you notice you came home with a free gift. Yes, the gift of hyperpigmentation plus a dose of melasma. It was probably not what you had in mind while you were enjoying the warm rays. We get it, we all love sun-kissed golden skin. It looked good last week, right?  But the extra brown spots on your face? Not so good.  Now what? How to get your skin back in shape after vacation and prolonged sun exposure is two-fold. We recommend kick-starting the process with a good medical-grade chemical peel, like the viPeel, and daily use of a product that targets hyperpigmentation, like Skinceuticals Discoloration Defense. 

Why Try the ViPeel?

This peel is specifically designed to help rejuvenate the skin, slow down the aging process, and target pigmented rough skin, along with acne scarring. It also softens fine lines and wrinkles and restores tone, which is always needed post-sun.  It’s also safe for all skin tones and types, unlike many other peels on the market.  You will see a complete turnover in your skin. The darker, pigmented areas will slough off during the peeling process to reveal healthy, glowing skin.  It helps to kill bacteria, which can lead to acne. Especially, after you have been traveling, skin is more prone to acne because your body is off its regular schedule so this will help to combat any build-up.

What to Expect Post-Peel

If you are someone that has a busy life, this will fit right in with your schedule.  There is minimal downtime, and you can go back to work right after you’ve had it.

  • Day 1:     You will be red, similar to a sunburn
  • Day 2:     Your skin will appear tan and tightened
  • Day 3-4:  The peeling process begins
  • Day 5-7:  Peeling is finished and your skin will be glowing

We suggest getting the peel on a Wednesday or Thursday so you are ready for work on Monday.  

Use a Medical-Grade Skincare Product Post-Peel

Once you’ve done a peel, the work does not stop there. You want to help the skin maintain the results from the peel, which means making sure you are using good products on a daily basis. You can buy something at a pharmacy, but medical-grade products yield medical-grade results.  It’s the difference between eating a green smoothie made from fresh fruits and vegetables, versus a smoothie that is processed in a sugary syrup. They both may have fruits and vegetables, but only one of those is good for you.  What you do at home is just as important as what you do with us. 

We recommend SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense because it combines a powerful blend of lightening ingredients clinically proven to reduce and prevent pigment, which means you will see improvement in the appearance of skin discoloration and a more even skin tone, above and beyond the peel results.    

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