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Natural Aging of the Lips

Lip Filler

The eyes are the first to go. Next follows the mid-face which spans from the nose to lips. Sagging is a gradual process and it begins years before you notice that gravity is winning. The change isn’t Earth-shattering, but it is enough to make you realize that aging is in full swing. Developing crow’s feet, laugh lines, even age spots are all an expected part of getting older. But when the hands of time start making their mark on other, unanticipated areas—like the lips—it can be distressing. Especially since the lips are front and center!

A full, plush pout signals youth and vitality while also being super-seductive. In fact the plumper your lips, the higher your estrogen hormones. “With aging volume lost in the lips themselves is compounded by the drooping of the lip corners, elongation of the upper lip, and the lower lip droping,” says Dr Reiswig.
Other than moisturizing and lip gloss, have you really given much thought to them? Think of all the exercises your lips perform every day: smiling, kissing, talking, sipping from a straw, opening wide to yawn, sneeze or eat. All these lip calisthenics contribute to wrinkling. Add to that the #1 contributor to aging, the sun!

And that’s just the consequences of your lifestyle on your lips. As we age, our body produces less collagen. Think of collagen as the stuffing in your mattress. After years of tossing and turning, it just doesn’t have the bounce it once had—nor do those mattress springs miraculously regenerate.

For treating a loss in lip volume at EvolvMD, there’s a simple AND natural solution: filler! We’ve all seen women with the accursed trout pout or duck lips. This is what happens when practitioners inject too much product into the wrong parts of the lip and is easily avoidable by a skilled injector. To find more about lip injections at EvolvMD MedSpa & Body Contouring call 414.479.0113.

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